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Once you've obtained A+ certification to show you know computer basics, the natural progression in the IT career path is to learn networking and certify your knowledge with Network+. This makes current and future employers confident that you can be an integral part of developing and maintaining their business computer network. An individual certified as a Network+ technician has proven him or herself to be fundamentally competent; has proven a solid base of knowledge and expertise in networking technologies.

The 2005 Network+ Series builds on the quality instruction delivered in the A+ certification series. It covers all the networking knowledge crucial to Network+ certification standards, including the 2005 update to the Network+ certification exams. CompTIA designed this updated exam to ensure that you have the real world ability to work in the networking environments in use today and planned for tomorrow. Some of these important updates include wireless networking, gigabit Ethernet, and improved security practices.

The training is very good. You'll be amazed at the amount of information presented in this series. True to the CBT Nuggets concept, nothing is taken for granted. The series starts very basic but then progresses through intermediate and advanced networking concepts to give you a full spectrum of networking knowledge.

The CBT Nuggets 2005 Network+ Series is thorough and comprehensive. Watching these videos is very similar to attending classroom instruction. You'll get a combination of theory and practical instruction as you progress through the lessons. The innovative approach used by CBT Nuggets provides hands-on experience through the eyes of the instructor. To experience this approach, check out our free videos section to view videos from the Network+ series for free.

The 2005 Network+ Series contains the videos listed below:

- Network Topologies (Part 1)
- Network Topologies (Part 2)
- Media Connectors and Cabling
- Network Devices and Components (Part 1)
- Network Devices and Components (Part 2)
- OSI (Open Systems Interconnect) Model
- Media Access Control
- IP Addressing
- Network Layer Protocols
- TCP/IP Suite of Protocols and Services
- TCP/UDP Protocols and Services
- Additional Network Protocols and Services
- WAN Technologies
- Wireless Technologies
- Internet Access Technologies
- Remote Access Protocols and Services
- Server Remote Connectivity Configuration
- Security Protocols
- Authentication Protocols
- Network Operating Systems
- Client Workstation Connectivity (free video!)
- Firewalls and Proxy Services
- VLAN's
- Intranets and Extranets
- Antivirus Protection
- Fault Tolerance and Disaster Recovery
- Troubleshooting Strategies
- Troubleshooting Utilities
- Physical Network Troubleshooting
- Shooting Trouble in Client/Server Environments

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