Beginning Fedora: From Novice to Professional (Beginning from Novice to Professional)

Coauthor Shashank Sharma discusses the book
Beginning Fedora: From Novice to Professional guides you through the tasks most new Linux users desire to perform while explaining potentially confusing concepts along the way. It will steer you through system customization opportunities and common tasks like listening to audio CDs and MP3s, watching movies, and performing office- and Internet-related jobs. A large part of the book is dedicated to advanced command-line techniques necessary to maintain your system and become a true Linux master!

Highlights of this title include the following:
Provides an illustrated, step-by-step guide to Fedora installation and hardware configuration.
Includes a DVD consisting of the latest Fedora operating system. Just place the disk into your drive and begin!
Eases the transition from the Windows to the Linux desktop by focusing on key everyday tasks such as file management, peripheral configuration, MP3/video playback, and office tasks.
What you’ll learn
Install and configure the Fedora operating system. You’ll also learn how to install it alongside Windows, allowing you to switch between the operating systems at will!
Browse, manage, edit, and view your MP3s, movies, and pictures.
Manage office files using OpenOffice, the open source alternative to Microsoft Office!
Execute key administration tasks such as user management, backups, and remote access.
Navigate the Linux environment using the powerful Bash shell.

Who is this book for?

This book was written for individuals seeking to make the most of the Fedora Linux distribution and the many useful open source software applications that collectively offer a powerful alternative to Microsoft Windows.
About the Apress Beginning Series

The Beginning series from Apress is the right choice to get the information you need to land that crucial entry-level job. These books will teach you a standard and important technology from the ground up because they are explicitly designed to take you from “novice to professional.” You’ll start your journey by seeing what you need to know–but without needless theory and filler. You’ll build your skill set by learning how to put together real-world projects step by step. So whether your goal is your next career challenge or a new learning opportunity, the Beginning series from Apress will take you there–it is your trusted guide through unfamiliar territory!
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