CCIE Prep Kit 350-001 Routing and Switching

Book Description
The CCIE Routing and Switching Exam Guide will prepare the customer to pass the CCIE written exam. It will cover all necessary objectives for the exam. Tutorial text is strictly exam-related and flows with minimal interruption. Key concepts are the only “notes” set apart from the text by special formatting. This series is designed to be used either with or without outside instruction. Study aids begin with the Chapter Opener which readies the reader for learning. To help the reader fully understand the topic, visual cues are used liberally throughout the book- 1) Diagrams put concepts into a visual form that aids in retaining and comprehending, and 2) Figures confirm readers understanding of procedures. Also provides additional information, such as addresses for on-line help and supplemental sample tests, testing locations, test-taking tips and strategies, and emotional preparation.

Book Info
A review for the CCIE 350-001 Routing and Switching exam. Topics include the OSI model, switching versus routing, protocol functions, interface speeds, IPX access lists, the ethernet, LAN emulation, LAN switching, TCP/IP routing, frame relay, and much more. Softcover.


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