MCSE Training Guide: Networking Essentials (Covers Exam #70-058)

The Networking Essentials exam is regarded as one of the easiest in the MCSE battery, but it has its share of pitfalls and tricks. This book helps readers identify potential difficulties in the Networking Essentials exam and prepare accordingly.

This book opens with a broad discussion of network topologies and standards. The OSI reference model is trotted out for explanation, as are all the IEEE 802 standards. In the context of planning a network, the authors discuss cabling (and wireless) options and network protocols. In deference to the contents of the exam, Casad and Newland weight their book toward Microsoft standards. One large chapter explains permissions, groups, security, and other administrative work on Microsoft networks.

Book Description:

Organized in a concise, easy-to-read manner, this must-have resource saves users countless hours and thousands of dollars in training courses. This Microsoft-approved, comprehensive training guide contains test questions, tables, notes, tips, and step-by-step exercises to completely prepare you for the Networking Essentials exam. Exclusive TestPrep software simulates actual exam.
The fastest, most effective, and least expensive study tool for achieving Microsoft certification
Loaded with insider tips, notes, and strategies from MCSEs and Microsoft Certified Trainers
CD-ROM contains several Windows 95 and Windows NT test engines with hundreds of questions to prepare users for the actual tests

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