Novell Certified Linux 9 (CLE 9) Study Guide

The Novell Certified Linux Engineer (CLE) Study Guide is designed to prepare you for the challenge of the most current CLE practicum. The author’s experience as a certification trainer and system administrator will provide you with a real-world understanding of how to administer and troubleshoot Novell Linux products and services. Exam topics are covered through real-world examples with guided steps that were developed in the field. With the Novell Certified Linux Engineer (CLE) Study Guide, you will master the knowledge of administering and troubleshooting the Novell Linux systems and prepare for CLE exam success.

Download Description:

The official study guide to Novell’s Certified Linux Engineer (CLE) exam. Provides deeper coverage of Nterprise Services for Linux components than any other documentation. Provides the knowledge needed to pass the practical exam with coverage of the Novell Nterprise Linux Services (NNLS) using hands-on labs and scenarios Tech editor is a Novell insider who has been involved in the CLE courseware development since its infancy

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