Accelerated C# 2008 (Accelerated)

C# 2008 offers powerful new featuresAccelerated C# 2008 is the fastest path to mastering them, and the rest of C#, for both experienced C# programmerscommon language runtimedesign patterns, and to exploit the power of C# and the CLR. (CLR). This book teaches both core C# language concepts and how to wisely employ C# idioms and object-oriented moving to C# 2008 and programmers moving to C# from another object-oriented language. Many books introduce C#, but very few also explain how to use it optimally with the .NET

This book is both a rapid tutorial and a permanent reference. You’ll quickly master C# syntax while learning how the CLR simplifies many programming tasks. You’ll also learn best practices that ensure your code will be efficient, reusable, and robust. Why spend months or years discovering the best ways to design and code C# when this book will show you how to do things the right way, right from the start?
Comprehensively and concisely explains both C# 2005 and C# 2008 features
Focuses on the language itself and on how to use C# 2008 proficiently for all .NET application development
Concentrates on how C# features work and how to best use them for robust, high-performance code.
How C# works with and exploits the CLR
How to use arrays, collections, and iterators
How to handle events with delegates and anonymous functions
How to design and use generic types and methods
How to thread efficiently and robustly
How the new C# 2008 anonymous types, lamba expressions, and extension methods work and how to use them
Pro C# 2005 and the .NET 2.0 Platform, Third Edition
Expert C# 2005 Business Objects, Second Edition
Pro LINQ: Language Integrated Query in C# 2008

If you’re an experienced C# programmer, you need to understand how C# has changed with C# 2008. If you’re an experienced object-oriented programmer moving to C#, you want to ramp up quickly in the language while learning the latest features and techniques. In either case, this book is for you. The first three chapters succinctly present C# fundamentals, for those new to or reviewing C#. The rest of the book covers all the major C# features, in

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