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Exchange, SQL and IIS are at the core of most Microsoft enterprise serversWindows Vistasecurity toolsnetwork management

The Best Damn Exchange, SQL and IIS Book Period delivers an all-in-one reference for Windows System Administrators deploying the 2007 releases of these core Microsoft servers. The coverage is comprehensive, and provides users with just about everything they need to manage a Windows enterprise server. Special Bonus coverage includes how to gather and analyze the many log files generated by these servers.

Key Features:

* All-in-one coverage includes Exchange, SQL, and IIS Servers
* Integrated coverage on all key security features
* Bonus coverage includes analyzing server logs and integrating Communicator 2007. and the addition of features that support “anywhere access” present IT professionals with a steep learning curve. Making certain that these products are configured to meet regulatory compliance requirements adds addtionaly complexity to day-to-day management and Windows 2008 Server, represents the biggest overhaul of Windows enterprise products since Windows 2000. The dramatic changes to . Excellent certification book. Recommended for Microsoft certification.

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