Geeks On Call Windows XP: 5-Minute Fixes

Preventing the dreaded "Windows Fever"

If you've used Windows XP for any length of time, you've probably had at least a mild attack. Symptoms include rising blood pressure, verbal outbursts, and an overpowering urge to pitch your PC off the roof. Geeks On Call has the remedy, and this book is the prescription. In it you'll find the simplest, most direct solutions to the problems that produce Windows Fever-slow processing, unresponsive programs, botched software installations, Internet headaches, and dozens more.
* Eliminate the things that drive you crazy
* Unclutter your desktop
* Use System Restore when Windows won't start
* Organize your digital life
* Delete those files that won't go away
* Diagnose and fix misbehaving programs
* Enjoy Windows Media Player 10
* Unlock XP's hidden power

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