Hacking del.icio.us

  • Share the wealth–del.icio.us is a publicly viewable bookmarks manager that allows users to easily add favorite sites to a personal collection of links, to categorize those sites with keywords (tags), and to share a collection not only between browsers and machines, but also with others
  • It really is delish! del.icio.us is an excellent tool for tracking Web popularity, hot topics (or memes), and can provide RSS feeds for any tag
  • Adventurous readers with some basic Web design and scripting or programming skills will sink their teeth into these tasty treats on tweaking, modifying, and hacking del.icio.us
  • Hacks include: geotagging del.icio.us bookmarks, mapping del.icio.us tags with Google Maps, building and watching tag clouds over time, and integrating bloglines and del.icio.us
  • Some additional unique projects are del.icio.us tagging using browser keywords, combining del.icio.us and blogs, programming with the del.icio.us API, and hacking Firefox and Safari

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