QoS Over Heterogeneous Networks

Providing comprehensive coverage of QoS issues within heterogeneous network environments, “QoS Over Heterogeneous Networks” looks to find solutions to questions such as does QoS fit within heterogeneous networks and what is the impact on performance if information traverses different network portions that implement specific QoS schemes.


  • A series of algorithms and protocols to help solve potential QoS problems.
  • State of the art case studies and operative examples to illustrate points made.
  • Information on QoS mapping in terms of service-level specification (SLS) and an in-depth discussion of related issues
  • Chapters end-to-end (E2E) QoS, QoS architecture, QoS over heterogeneous networks and QoS internetworking and mapping.
An ideal book for graduate students, researchers and lecturers. System designers, developers and engineers will also find “QoS Over Heterogeneous Networks” a valuable reference.


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