Real World XML Web Services: For VB and VB .NET Developers

Visual Basic programmers discover how to:

  • Use XML Schema to define Web service messages
  • Use SOAP for messaging and Remote Procedure Calls (RPC)
  • Read and modify WSDL documents
  • Build Web services with the SOAP Toolkit
  • Create and invoke Web services using the .NET framework
  • Implement SOAP headers and use SOAP Fault
  • Develop interface-based Web services
  • Handle data in .NET Web services, including objects, arrays, and DataSets
  • Use SOAP extensions to build reusable infrastructure for security and compression
  • Use Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI) at design time and run time
  • Understand the architecture of other popular toolkits, such as Apache SOAP for Java, and learn how to solve interoperability problems

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