The IBM TotalStorage Storage Solutions Handbook

The book covers five main topics: Disk Storage Systems, Storage Networking, Tape and Optical Solutions, Storage Software and Storage Solutions. We start by introducing the Enterprise Disk System (ESS) and other SAN and DAS attachable disk systems, which are available for zSeries, pSeries, iSeries, xSeries, non-IBM UNIX-servers and non-IBM Intel servers. In the following part, we discuss key disk technologies, which are Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems and SAN products and solutions with FICON and Fibre Channel support to create dedicated network for storage such as disk systems, tape drives and tape drive library systems. In the third part, disaster recovery solutions are explained together with tape drives, tape drive libraries, virtual tape solutions, optical drives, optical drive libraries for mid-range and enterprise market. The next part covers the software solutions, which are mainly divided into four section IBM Total Storage Expert family, DFSMS family, IBM Tivoli family and complementary software. Finally, we explain storage solutions using IBM storage products for data protection, disaster recovery, solution for e-mails, centralization, solution for entertainment environment, life sciences solutions, and IBM Global Services solutions.

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