OReilly Knoppix Hacks

Knoppix Hacks is a collection of one hundred industrial-strength hacks for new Linux users, power users, and system administers using--or considering using--the Knoppix Live CD. These tips and tools show how to use the enormous amount of software on this CD to troubleshoot, repair, upgrade, disinfect, and generally be productive without Windows. With Knoppix you can:
  • Test drive a Linux desktop without the need to install Linux
  • Troubleshoot and repair Linux and Windows systems
  • Create a thin client network with just one CD
  • Replace a web server or firewall in an emergency
  • Perform a security audit on your entire network
  • Virus scan a Windows computer from the safety of Linux
  • Customize Knoppix for personal or business use
  • Easily install the popular Debian GNU/Linux distribution with all of your hardware detected and configured

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