PCI Express System Architecture

PCI Express System Architecture provides an in-depth description and comprehensive reference to the PCI Express standard. The book contains information needed for design, verification, and test, as well as background information essential for writing low-level BIOS and device drivers. In addition, it offers valuable insight into the technology's evolution and cutting-edge features.

Following an overview of the PCI Express architecture, the book moves on to cover transaction protocols, the physical/electrical layer, power management, configuration, and more. Specific topics covered include:

  • Split transaction protocol
  • Packet format and definition, including use of each field
  • ACK/NAK protocol
  • Traffic Class and Virtual Channel applications and use
  • Flow control initialization and operation
  • Error checking mechanisms and reporting options
  • Switch design issues
  • Advanced Power Management mechanisms and use
  • Active State Link power management
  • Hot Plug design and operation
  • Message transactions
  • Physical layer functions
  • Electrical signaling characteristics and issues
  • PCI Express enumeration procedures
  • Configuration register definitions

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