SCP Tactical Perimeter Defense

The SCNS exam is designed to validate the foundational skills required by security professionals. These skills include, but are not limited to: Network Defense Fundamentals, Advanced TCP/IP, Routers and Access Control Lists, Designing Firewalls, Configuring Firewalls, Configuring Virtual Private Networks, Designing an Intrusion Detection System, Configuring an Intrusion Detection System and Securing Wireless Networks.

Tactical Perimeter Defense Course Outline
Lesson 1: Network Defense Fundamentals
Lesson 2: Advanced TCP/IP
Lesson 3: Routers and Access Control Lists
Lesson 4: Designing Firewalls
Lesson 5: Configuring Firewalls
Lesson 6: Implementing IPSec and VPNs
Lesson 7: Designing an Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
Lesson 8: Configuring IDS
Lesson 9: Securing Wireless Networks

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