Managing Catastrophic Loss of Sensitive Data: A Guide for IT and Security Professionals

Offering a structured approach to handling and recovering from a catastrophic data loss, this book will help both technical and non-technical professionals put effective processes in place to secure their business-critical information and provide a roadmap of the appropriate recovery

*Addresses a very topical subject of great concern to securitymanagement
*Provides a step-by-step approach to managing the consequences of and recovering from the loss of sensitive data.
*Gathers in a single and notification steps when calamity strikes., general IT and business place all information about this critical issue, including legal, public relations and regulatory issues Summary: Excellent Introduction to the Field of Data Protection
Rating: 5
This is an excellent step-by-step approach for preparing for and recovering from the loss of confidential data held by an organization. It’s especially topical given all the breaches that are occurring, both those that are in the news I really liked this book. I’m on a team at my company that is managing a project on the protection of clients’ and employees’ Personally Identifiable Information, and the book was extremely useful is making sure I didn’t miss any steps or overlook best practices in the field. Highly recommended. as well as the ones no one hears about. The book is essentially organized in three parts: how to prepare in order to minimize the chances of a breach, what to do when a breach is occurring, and what to do afterwards, such as victim notification and lessons learned. This is much more of a process rather than a technical book, and is more geared to security managers rather than system administrators.

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