PacketCable Implementation (Cisco Press Networking Technology)

The definitive guide to PacketCable network design, provisioning, configuration, management, and security

  • Comprehensive guide for the latest information on emerging Cable IP standards
  • Includes extensive coverage of VoIP protocols in PacketCable networks
  • Learn from case studies, sample network designs, and sample configurations using real-life examples

    PacketCable networks use Internet protocol (IP) technology to enable a wide range of multimedia services, such as IP telephony, multimedia conferencing, interactive gaming, and general multimedia applications. Such business and residential services delivered over a cable infrastructure is a natural extension of a cable network and is a key component of the cable industry's business growth strategy. The cable industry need for knowledgeable engineering professionals is expected to increase dramatically. PacketCable Implementation will supply IP networking information to those versed in cable video networks and help those deploying cable IP networks understand the ramifications of deploying PacketCable service on the cable network. Real-world case studies, tips, sample configurations, and sample network designs are included in this book. Tables and charts in every chapter will serve as quick and easy references to key points and each chapter will close with a summary section and chapter review questions, which will assess the readers understanding of the subject matter.

    • Discover the PacketCable "big picture," including key application opportunities
    • Learn about the latest generation of PacketCable standards and specifications, including PacketCable 2.0 and DOCSIS 3.0
    • Understand the functional components of a PacketCable network and how they fit together
    • Walk step-by-step through provisioning, including protocols, flows, and MTA configuration
    • Gain an in-depth understanding of call signaling: message formats, Network-based Call Signaling (NCS), PSTN interconnects, Call Management Server Signaling (CMSS), and more
    • Implement efficient, high-performance media streaming
    • Deploy, analyze, manage, and troubleshoot a state-of-the-art QoS framework
    • Manage crucial network considerations, including lawful intercept

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